Showcase Sounds


Showcase Sounds is a full service mobile Disc Jockey and Karaoke sound company serving the Central Florida area. You are never too far away for us to come to you. We help you plan YOUR event with our expertise, and we make sure it goes well! We run the show to your specifications, (NO bossy or arrogant DJ!)


Mobile Entertainment

DETAIL - We explain every aspect of what we can do and arrange a complete program of events and times for you as a guideline to see what is going to happen and when. We are flexible for any or all changes you need that may arise during the event.

NO SURPRISES - Which DJ will you get???? I hear many horror stories from people about DJ's they meet 30 minutes before their Wedding!!! How will you interact with this DJ?? How will this DJ interact to the crowd??? Don't you think it's a bit too late to dump just any DJ on you?? The big national DJ companies lose site of the DETAILS and PERSONAL TOUCH! I am the DJ/Emcee NO SURPRISES!

FREE IN HOME CONSULTATION - I meet with you to see if I am the DJ / Emcee that will suit your needs. During that time if you decide to pick SHOWCASE SOUNDS as your Disc Jockey and/or Karaoke Jockey, we will begin to organize and plan your function. All items will be outlined and organized so you don't have any surprises.

SIZE IS IMPORTANT - Being a small one DJ operation is important because you are dealing directly with the owner and person who cares about your event. This way I am able to KEEP PRICES DOWN! I take pride in my business which GIVES YOU A BETTER PRODUCT! You deal directly with me. The larger companies have many DJ's and are merely working as employees, not for themselves.

MUSIC - If there are any special music you need, I will make sure I have it! This of course is done in our consultation when I ask you your music preferences. To add, I carry a vast selection of CD's and a Digital DJ iPod system from different genres with me to your function!

AUDIO SYSTEMS - I have vast knowledge in professional audio! I use CROWN & Crest amplifiers, Mackie Main loudspeakers and Subwoofers,  American Audio loudspeakers, American DJ & Denon Compact Disc players and many other outboard signal processors to make your event sound the best! I have the latest in Digital Ipod DJ systems. Plus I always carry backup equipment in the event of a failure. I also have a other systems for various size events.

KARAOKE - Many karaoke jockeys I have seen have terrible sounding gear and a small song selection. NOT HERE!  Karaoke can be an add on to any other system, or be self contained for your function.  My Karaoke library is over 48,000 songs strong and is computerized to save time! NO FUMBLING FOR DISCS AFTER EVERY SINGER!

LIGHTING AND EFFECTS - I have a wide array of Pro DJ Lights and Fixtures for small or big rooms. I also have bubble machines, Fog Machines, Black Light Bubbles, Strobe lights  and more...

 The Bottom Line

Let's face it, a DJ can be real laid back and just play music... (Who wants that!) and on the other extreme you can get too involved and annoy people... (I have heard some horror stories.) I pride myself on being somewhere in the middle! I know when to take control to keep things moving and when to back off! Too many DJ's want to play what they like or think will work. This can be perceived as having an attitude or being cocky. I listen to your needs before the event in the planning stages and qualify you on many different areas which will determine all of the Who, What, When, Where & Why.

If you don't have the highest quality gear and knowledge of what the client wants, you are second best! I have vast experience in pro sound, having fun and creating good times! So come on and send an e-mail or call me now!

Tommy “DJStyles” Hunt        Cell: 321-759-4343        email:

PERSONALIZED SERVICE We make every effort to guide you every step of the way. We meet with you before you select me as your DJ / Emcee for your event. We don't simply mail out a brochure, we come to you and bring samples of music and our vast knowledge with us to plan your event! We work together to organize everything from picking the music to arranging the timing of the events.

DJStyles Tommy Hunt & Wife